Interoperability for Google & Slack

Send messages across Google Chat and Slack

Mio enables teams to collaborate in real time between Google Chat and Slack.

See chat interoperability in action

Collaborate with colleagues across platforms through direct messages, spaces/channels, and group chats.
Google Chat

Two separate product models based on your organization’s Slack licenses


DMs, Group Chats, and Channels

For Mio to fully integrate Google Chat with Slack, all users are required to have Slack licenses so that Mio can manage memberships and subscriptions between both platforms. Users will be discoverable across platforms, and will be able to collaborate in direct messages, group chats, and channels.

Channels only

For organizations who do not have Slack licenses for all users, Mio can offer limited interoperability through channels only. Users will see cross-platform messages, but Slack users will not see profile information for any Google Chat users in their Slack workspace.

Use your favorite features in cross-platform direct messages, group chats, and channels

Use features you're familiar with, such as sending, editing, and deleting messages, and replying in threads.
Collaborate with colleagues in spaces and direct messages with features like @mentions and file sharing.
Visual & Creative
Maintain a rich messaging experience through user avatars, reactions, emojis, rich text formatting, and GIFs.

API-based middleware that sits in the background

Mio leverages API federation to translate and relay messages from users’ Google Chat accounts to their colleagues’ Slack accounts. Users can work with the confidence and reassurance that their messages are being delivered to the right person, at the right place.

The only fully native chat solution for enterprises

Mio is not another chat client. We securely integrate your existing platforms, which means no more switching back and forth between apps. Users and teams on different platforms can communicate in direct messages, spaces/channels, and group chats without toggling between applications.

Enterprise-grade security

Mio is independently audited every year, SOC 2 Type II certified, and does not store any messages or files that are relayed from one platform to the other.
More about security

Set up Mio and manage users in the Mio Hub

The Mio Hub is the control center where IT Managers and Admins can integrate Mio into their platform ecosystem.

Take a look inside the Mio Hub

Explore how Mio unlocks cross-platform interoperability.

Leading the way in interop innovation

Get expert help and advice about all things chat and collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

Mio is not a chat application, but rather an integration for your existing Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, or Zoom Chat applications. Organizations will need to install the Mio app onto their respective chat platforms in order to enable cross-platform communications.
Mio is not a chat migration tool. However, if your organization plans on migrating from one chat platform to another, we recommend using Mio during the start of your transition period so that you can retain as many messages as possible. Mio is not able to transfer any previously sent messages or chat history.
Mio offers interoperability between Google and Microsoft Teams, Google and Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and Zoom and Slack.
The Mio team of experts will work directly with your organization's administrators to ensure all platforms are correctly set up. Once deployment is complete, users can enjoy cross-platform interoperability immediately.

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