File Sync

Freely collaborate on shared documents across platforms

File Sync enables users to access Google Drive and Microsoft Sharepoint files with a single account.
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One account to access both Google and Microsoft files

File Sync allows users to collaborate on documents with no additional license fees or the need to manage multiple sets of credentials. Teams users can collaborate on Google Drive documents and Google Chat users can collaborate on SharePoint documents.

Leverage IdPs to enable cross-platform access

By adding the Microsoft Identity Provider (IdP) in the Google Workspace Admin Console, Teams users can access Google Drive files using their Teams credentials. Similarly, by adding Google Workspace IdP in Microsoft Azure, Google Chat users can access SharePoint files using their Google credentials.

Getting started with Mio and File Sync

File Sync is powered by the configuration of a third-party IdP with Mio’s account syncing capability. Users can immediately begin sharing files, knowing that the intended audience will always be able to access them.

Set up Mio and manage users in the Mio Hub

The Mio Hub is the control center where IT Managers and Admins can integrate Mio into their platform ecosystem.

See File Sync in action

Experience native and seamless file sharing between Google Chat and Microsoft Teams.

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