About Mio

Leading the way in platform interoperability

We’re on a mission to build bridges between the world’s leading
collaboration platforms

The origins of Mio

In 2018, Mio recognized the growing need for cross-platform collaboration in the wake of the rising popularity of team chat applications. Large enterprises increasingly found themselves using two or more messaging apps for internal communication. We envisioned a world where all users could collaborate with each other from their preferred chat applications.


Mio started with chat interoperability, enabling users to send and receive messages across different platforms. With the rise of hybrid collaboration environments, it became clear that chat was only the beginning. Mio now supports interoperability across a suite of collaboration features such as identity management, file sharing, meeting initiation, and more.

All things collaboration

As a Google partner, Mio works closely with the Google Workspace team to enable cross-platform collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Mio is committed to building bridges between the world’s leading collaboration platforms. Our team is shaping the future of enterprise communication, making it more accessible, flexible, and productive for everyone, regardless of which application they use.

Our Core Values

1. Driven by High Standards
We are a team of self-starters, striving for excellence without the need for micromanagement.
2. Collaborative Problem Solvers
We foster an environment where teamwork and diverse perspectives lead to the best solutions.
3. Connected by Camaraderie
We build a community where kindness, fun, and positivity are at the heart of our culture.
4. Responsible for our Time
We operate as a high-trust organization and rely on our teammates to balance their professional and personal commitments.
5. Invested in Individual Growth
We encourage human development, offering unbounded opportunities for individual progress.

Our Investors and Partners

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