Interoperability for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Mio enables chat and file sharing interoperability for teams powered by Google and Microsoft.
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Say goodbye to missed messages and communication silos

Mio helps siloed teams discover and communicate with each other by relaying messages between Google Chat and Microsoft Teams in real time.

Synchronize users, chat, and files across platforms

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 coexistence in three key areas:

The world's top enterprises rely on Mio for interoperability

Unlock the benefits of cross-platform collaboration for your entire organization

Google’s official interoperability partner, built with a security-first mindset

API-based middleware

Mio works directly with Google to build the APIs that relay information from platform to platform, for a secure and frictionless end user experience.

Fully native

Mio is the only bidirectional and native solution that allows users to stay in their existing platforms and use features they're already familiar with.

Safe and secure

Mio securely integrates with your messaging platforms and never stores messages or files, keeping your data secure and confidential.

Leading the way in collaboration interoperability

Get expert help and advice about all things chat and collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

Is Mio a chat app?
Mio is not a separate chat platform, but rather an integration for your existing Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom Chat applications. Organizations will need to install the Mio app onto their respective chat platforms in order to enable cross-platform communications.
Does Mio migrate chat history?
Mio is not a chat migration tool. However, if your organization plans on migrating from one chat platform to another, we recommend using Mio during your migration period so that you can retain as many messages as possible. Mio is not able to transfer any previously sent messages or chat history.
Does Mio work with other chat platforms?
Mio is built to interoperate Google, Microsoft, Slack, or Zoom.
Does Mio store any messages?
Mio does not persistently store user messages or files. Message metadata is retained by Mio for future reconciliation across platforms. However, the underlying messages and files are not permanently retained.
What if I need to use Mio to connect with external contacts?
Mio currently only supports interoperability for organizations that need to connect their internal teams.
How do I pronounce Mio?
It's pronounced MEE-oh, not MY-oh 😄

Unify your teams with Mio

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