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Zoom Integrations: Try These 9 for Better Collaboration

Explore the top Zoom integrations for enhanced team collaboration, offering diverse functionalities for efficient and seamless communication.
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Zoom integrations

What are the best Zoom integrations for modern teams? 

Zoom makes video calling easy. Features like virtual backgrounds, noise cancellation, and customizable grid views delight users everywhere.

Adding integrations from other tools you use makes the experience even slicker.

As a flexible app with an open API, Zoom is no stranger to integrations. There are over 800 integration options on the Zoom app marketplace today. 

Let’s explore some of the best options.

1 - Slack's Zoom integration

If you want to connect Slack and Zoom Team Chat, you can use Mio to send messages cross-platform.

By installing Mio, you enable:

  • Cross-platform chat between Slack and Zoom
  • Message edits and deletions across platform
  • File sharing between Slack and Zoom
  • GIFs, emojis, and reactions from one platform to another
  • Consistency of message threads between platforms

Mio makes it easy to bring Zoom messages into Slack, and Slack conversations into Zoom.

There’s no need to switch between apps when you have Mio. 

Learn more about Zoom Team Chat interop here.

2 - Panopto

Panopto is a secure solution for sharing video recordings.

Panopto allows team members to share information fast. Admins get deeper controls over recordings, while employees get a handy knowledge repository. 

You can edit videos within Zoom. Admins can also check viewing analytics. Storing all recordings in a central space makes them easier to find too.

Panopto supports SSO to simplify access to videos for team members. There are insights for auditing viewing activity and ensuring regulatory compliance. 


Users can organize videos by topic and curate content for the portal homepage. If you record a video with Panopto, you can also add your own branding before sharing it with others.

Editing options with Panopto allow team members to highlight critical moments of conversation. You can also search through recordings using keywords and bookmark moments. Team members have access to 508-compliant transcriptions too.

3 - Zylo

Zylo is a SaaS management platform that tracks employee engagement. The Zylo app gathers information about all software solutions a business acquires. You’ll get insights into spend, renewals, and what each app is for. Importantly, Zylo shows how often your teams use each service. 

With Zylo for Zoom, companies can track host meeting metrics and engagement levels. This makes it easier to figure out what kind of Zoom package you need.


Zylo tracks metrics like:

  • Group meetings within activity threshold
  • Average group meeting length
  • Group meetings greater than 40 minutes
  • Average number of meeting participants

When you know how your employees use Zoom, you can quickly identify which packages make the most sense for your business. 

4 - Microsoft Teams' Zoom integration

For some companies, it isn’t easy to get every employee to agree to using the same tool.

If you're stuck in a battle of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom, here's a Zoom integration to help with that.

You can use Mio to connect Teams and Zoom Team Chat and send messages cross-platform.

By installing Mio, you enable:

  • Cross-platform chat between Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Message edits and deletions across platform
  • File sharing between Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • GIFs, emojis, and reactions from one platform to another
  • Consistency of message threads between platforms

Mio makes it easy to bring Zoom messages into Teams and Teams conversations into Zoom.

There’s no need to switch between apps when you have Mio. 

Learn more about Zoom Team Chat interop here.

5 - Grain

Grain is a Zoom integration that lets you share important moments from your calls.

You can grab a clip from a conversation and share it with your team. Creating highlight clips only takes a few clicks. There’s also the option to create an automated transcript too. 

Every note has a unique URL so you can share it with colleagues. You can also take your Zoom clips onto popular apps like Slack and Twitter. 


Grain also supports note-taking for more meaningful meetings. As you take notes in the app, Grain watches where you are in the Zoom conversation. Every note corresponds with a time stamp. 

Grain is a popular tool for companies that perform research, host support calls, and conduct interviews. If you need to remember parts of your meeting, Grain can help.

6 - Docket

Docket is an agenda creation and calendar tool. With Docket’s app for Zoom, teams can add Zoom conversations to their agenda.

You create a meeting in Docket as normal, then add a Zoom conferencing button. Team members can join with just one click. 

When it’s time for your meeting, Docket reminds you of agenda items to discuss. You can also launch Zoom from Docket.

Less time jumping between apps is always helpful. 

Docket Zoom integration

During the meeting, you can collaborate in the Docket app with your attendees.

There is a note-taking function and the option to create and share action items. All the while, you get all the benefits of Zoom Meetings. This includes screen sharing, chat, and great video.

7 - Obsidian Security

The Obsidian Zoom integration lets security teams see who’s using Zoom. You can track what your team members are doing to reduce the risk of inappropriate use. 

Obsidian Security shows when Zoom accounts aren’t configured properly. You can see when security incidents are happening too.

Admins can also check for inappropriate recording or data sharing. Admins can control the kind of alerts they want to get.

Obsidian Security Zoom integration

Options include alerts for:

  • Unexpected people in Zoom calls
  • App configurations that violate security measures
  • Meetings created without a password
  • Meetings recorded in a sensitive environment
  • Suspicious logins from unfamiliar locations or devices

Obsidian’s timely reports show you how your teams use Zoom, and whether you’re secure. 

8 - People.ai

Providing guidance for better productivity, People.ai is a convenient Zoom integration.

People.ai captures all customer and contact activity data on Zoom. If you need to keep track of your video conversations, People.ai can help. 

Sales, marketing, and customer success employees reduce their manual data entry.

At the same time, you get accurate insights, CRM updates, and actionable intelligence.

People.ai Zoom integration

With this app, sales and marketing leaders can manage rep activity on Zoom. All meetings log and link to the right agent. 

People.ai also captures customer data and updates information in your CRM. With the most up-to-date information, teams can make better decisions. 

9 - Gong.io

This handy Zoom integration records, analyzes, and transcribes every call.

With each conversation, you get plenty of actionable insights. You can record any meeting scheduled with Microsoft 365 or G Suite on Zoom. 

Gong.io Zoom integration

The transcribed conversations are an easy way to search for important information.

The analytics help you to track sales performance, engagement, and other important insights.

Gong.io supports better team collaboration by using team stats combined with industry benchmarks. 

You can see a timeline of all your conversations with a specific customer. There’s also an option to track how often discounts or competitors appear in a discussion. 

What about Zoom Zapps? 

Are Zoom app integrations the same as Zapps? 

Zoom’s marketplace offers hundreds of integrations with leading tools. But it’s not the only way to expand Zoom’s functionality.

Zapps are the apps within Zoom, offering the most in-depth integrations. You can use Zapps in Zoom meetings, rooms, chat, phone calls, and webinars. These tools provide easy access to fully-functional tools within the Zoom client. 

Already, Zoom has Zapp partnerships with 35 leading companies. The Dropbox Zapp, for instance, means you can open Dropbox within a Zoom meeting. 

Drag and drop a file from Dropbox into your meeting without opening a new window.

Use the Asana Zapp in a meeting to update the status on a team project. Or use a notes Zapp to record ideas in a meeting. 

Zapps will bring next-level third-party integrations into Zoom unlike any existing integration.

The Chorus.ai Zapp will allow teams to review customer emails in Zoom. Users can also analyze calls and transcribe conversations in Zoom. 

The Zoom app marketplace is full of tools that leverage Zoom’s APIs and SDKs. But Zoom Zapps add the tools you use every day to your Zoom workflow. 

Users do need to share Zapps with the people they’re talking with to use them in a meeting. The best Zoom experience will include a combination of Zapps and app integrations. 

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