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Zoomtopia 2023 Recap: Our Top 5 Sessions for Workspace Collaboration (and 1 Bonus)

Discover the highlights of Zoomtopia 2023, Zoom's annual conference that explores the latest in tech and collaboration trends.

Zoomtopia is Zoom’s annual conference focused on providing impactful insights to key enterprise decision makers. 

This year’s conference, titled “Balance the Future,” showcased the latest tech developments to boost workspace collaboration and enrich customer relationships.

Where is Zoomtopia 2023? 

This year, Zoomtopia was held on Oct 3-4 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. With keynotes and lightning talks by industry leaders, this year’s event was not one to be missed. 

Is Zoomtopia in person? 

Yes, Zoomtopia took place in person with a concurrent virtual event. 

Don’t fret if you’ve missed the conference. Zoom has recorded a selection of key sessions that are now available on-demand. Simply register for free to begin your Zoomtopia journey. 

We’re recapping our 5 top sessions focusing on workspace collaborations that you’ll definitely want to check out.

1. Vision & innovation keynote 

Zoomtopia keynote

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan opens Zoomtopia 2023 with a visionary keynote.[/caption]


  • Eric Yuan, Founder & CEO, Zoom 
  • Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer, Zoom
  • Sergio Dammroze, IT Director of Collaborative Solutions, Flex 
  • Ronnie Brant, Product and Solutions Marketing Lead, Zoom 
  • Cynthia Lee, Group Product Manager, Zoom Rooms & Workspaces, Zoom 
  • Mahesh Ram, Head of AI Applications, Zoom 
  • Ailian Gan, AI Product Lead, Zoom 
  • Dio Rosales, Vice President of Information Technology, Flex  
  • Brendan Ittelson, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Zoom 
  • Robin Bunevich, Product Marketer, Events & Webinars, Zoom 
  • Neil Boland, CISO - SVP, Technology & Security, Major League Baseball 
  • David Ball, Product Marketing Manager, Collaboration, Zoom

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan opens the conference by sharing his groundbreaking vision on how artificial intelligence will power communications. 

Joined by a host of Zoom luminaries, this session delves into the latest Zoom innovations sure to transform workspace collaboration. 

Reiterating Zoom’s commitment to empower connection, this session is a great way to dive headfirst into the innovation that lies at the core of the conference.

Watch this session

2. Microsoft + Zoom: Maximizing impact through strategic integrations


  • Jose Mateo, Technical Architect Manager, Zoom
  • Mandy Yeung Garby, Global Architect Leader, Zoom
  • Patrick Kelley, Distinguished Architect, Zoom  

Do you use more than one chat platform in your workplace? Chances are the answer is yes, given that 85% of organizations use more than one chat tool. Microsoft and Zoom users, this session is for you.

This session dives into how Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, Zoom Spaces, and Zoom Events integrate with Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk for a smoother workflow. 

Taking a practical approach, this session features product demos to shed light on just how much time, money, and effort can be saved through the power of interoperability. 

If you’ve ever struggled with toggling between apps and inefficient communication across platforms, this session is not to be missed. 

Watch this session

You may be thinking— “but I don’t use Microsoft Teams and Zoom.” Maybe you use Google Chat, Slack, or Webex. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out… 

3. Bridging the gap: Achieving seamless interoperability between Zoom Team Chat and Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex

Enterprise chat interoperability for Zoom Team Chat

Mio's Paige Owens gives a session on enterprise chat interoperability for Zoom Team Chat.


  • Paige Owens, Account Executive, Mio 

This session takes interoperability to a whole new level. 

If you’ve ever struggled with stifled collaboration, work silos, and frustration switching back and forth between multiple chat apps, you’ll want to learn more about Mio. 

Mio bridges the gap between Google Chat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat to deliver seamless, native interoperability. By leveraging the power of cross-platform chat, enterprises are empowered to unlock their collaboration potential.  

While this session was not recorded, here’s a glimpse into chat interop powered by Mio:

Interested in learning more?

4. Optimize your tech stack to build collaborative, high-performance teams


  • Heather Hansson, Zoom
  • Michael W. Lam, Zoom
  • Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research 
  • David Ball, Zoom

Empowering a positive employee experience is crucial to building a collaborative team.

 In today’s modern workplace, it can be challenging to discern what kinds of tools best benefit your team. Without the proper insight, implementing a host of different softwares and platforms may result in more harm than good. 

Featuring Zoom One’s productivity solutions and integrations, this session takes a dive into how utilizing the right technology can help your team communicate efficiently and effectively.

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5. Empowering employees of all identities to thrive in flexible work environments


  • Kelsie Colley, People Research Consultant, Global Lead of Neuro, Zoom  
  • Amanda-Rae Barboza Barela, M.Ed, Global Business Resource Group Program Specialist, Salesforce
  • Maceo Owens, Founder & ERG Program Developer, The ERG Movement  
  • Natasha Cougoule, Consultant, Diversity & Organizational Development, Zoom  

Workspace collaboration is impossible in an environment lacking comfort, safety, and respect. 

This session sheds light on how the flexible workplace, driven by technologies like Zoom, empowers employees of all identities to excel in their careers. 

Featuring case studies and product features, you’ll discover how hybrid work and technology can be leveraged to support a diverse workforce.  

This crucial session underscores Zoomtopia's fundamental commitment to fostering human connection.

Watch this session

While not strictly a session, this bonus piece of content is one that captures the essence of the conference. 

The best part? It only takes a minute. 

You definitely won’t want to miss…

6. Zoomtopia 2023 Recap ; "Got a Minute?" with Patrick Kelley

Live from the Zoomtopia expo floor, Distinguished Architect Patrick Kelley recaps all of Zoom’s exciting product announcements from the conference, including: 

  • Expanded Zoom AI Companion with upgraded functionality in Zoom Whiteboard, Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Contact Center, and more 
  • Zoom Docs, coming in 2024 
  • Zoom Virtual Agent and Zoom Contact Center advancements, including:
  • Generative AI 
  • AI expert assist
  • Integrations with WhatsApp, Messenger, and other third-party applications
  • Workvivo, an employee engagement system, coming in 2024 
  • A workspace reservation wayfinding feature
  • My Office view in Zoom Huddles
  • Zoom App integrations in Zoom Phone, Whiteboard, Mail, and Calendar, coming in the next few months 

For more details and information on these announcements, head to the Zoom blog for an in-depth writeup of Zoom product updates to streamline and enhance your workflow. 

This special installment of “Got a Minute?” is a fantastic one to watch if you’re short on time and want to catch up on the latest Zoom news and innovations.

Thanks for joining us for this roundup of Zoomtopia sessions.

However you choose to navigate through Zoomtopia’s impressive library of recorded content, we hope that these recommendations are insightful and enlightening.

While details about Zoomtopia 2024 have yet to be announced, we’ll be waiting in anticipation for next year’s conference. We hope to see you there.

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