7 Webex Features You Must Turn On

Discover Webex's latest: real-time translation, post-meeting summaries, gesture recognition, and enhanced meeting and messaging for modern workplace collaboration.
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Webex featuers

Webex features are coming thick and fast as the video conferencing and the messaging world have been accelerated due to the pandemic, digital transformation, and new generations entering the workplace.

In this post, we'll introduce the latest Webex features, provide you with the entire feature list, and have rounded up 7 features that are absolute must-haves.

New Webex features

If you're here for new Webex features, the latest updates can be found here.

Some additions for the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 include:

  • A new meetings platform
  • Support for the Webex web app with a built-in meeting scheduler
  • The ability to add a single meeting to Webex scheduler
  • Voiceover and keyboard support for self-view in meetings
  • Automatic highlights and chapters for vidcasts

Webex feature list

If you're looking for the full Webex feature list, you can compare what is available in each pricing tier here.

If you're comparing Webex vs Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any of the other great collaboration providers, we've done the hard work for you.

Check out our team collaboration tools comparison chart.

Rather than working your way through the entire feature list, we reached out to Cisco specialists for their favorite Webex features:

1 - Can everybody go on mute? (Well, yes actually).

Jan-Willem Ruys, a Technical Architect for Collaboration & Workplace Transformation at Cisco, says his favorite Webex feature lives in the advanced settings options of Webex.

"Mute attendees on join keeps out 'Can everyone please go on mute?'"
Can everybody mute please

Jan-Willem says it's a real pet peeve.

"Can everyone please mute is really not needed these days."

A host can mute everyone via the desktop client, via the roster list on the Webex Desk Pro, or any room system's Touch10 and Room Navigator.

He also points out the option to automatically start recording for those who need to record all meetings but often forget to hit the button until halfway through the meeting.

2 - Background noise removal

Once you've muted anyone who shouldn't be talking, it's time to optimize your own sound setup.

Justin Ramirez, Systems Engineering Director at Cisco, says his favorite Webex feature is being able to remove background noise from meetings.

Noise suppression has been around video conferencing apps for some time but Webex now boasts noise removal since acquiring BabbleLabs in September 2020.

By building in BabbleLabs' noise removal technology to its Webex portfolio, you can now host meetings without worrying about background noise.

It even removes background noises as extreme as lawnmowers!

3 - Webcam optimization

Now that you've sorted out your audio settings, it's time for your camera to match.

Chris Palermo, Global Collaboration Sales GTM & Strategy Specialist at Cisco, says the best part of the Cisco Webex Desk Camera is the app that gives him webcam flexibility like never before.

Among your usual basic webcam settings, the Webex Desk Camera gives you access to change:

  • Autofocus
  • Auto white balance
  • Contract
  • Sharpness
  • Manual anti-flicker
  • Occupancy detection

You'll look better than ever 🥰

4 - Immersive share

Joshua Reola, Product Manager for Webex Devices, says he loves immersive share on the Webex Desk Pro.

Immersive share Webex feature

Launched at Webex One in late 2020, immersive share allows you to get closer to your audience without them having to take their eyes off the content you are presenting.

So, when you share your screen, you are no longer minimized to a head in a small box at the side of the content.

Like a weathercaster’s image on a TV weather map, Webex lets you immerse your image and shared content on a single screen.

Once shared, you can resize and move about your screen for best placement.

5 - Proximity joining and sharing in meeting rooms

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield, says he loves it when:

"Webex recognizes that I am in proximity when I walk into a room with a Webex DX80."

Cisco Proximity allows you to control your video system, interact with shared content, and share wirelessly.

With this Webex feature, the meeting join and content sharing experiences are more efficient.

Once you pair your devices(s) with Cisco's proximity settings, each time you are nearby a Webex device (in proximity), you can join the meeting and share content from that device without rustling around under desks to sort the cabling.

6 - Webex Assistant closed captions

Abhay Kulkarni, VP and General Manager of Webex Meetings, says his favorite Webex feature is the Webex Assistant with closed captioning.

When turned on, Webex Assistant provides automated closed captions, making meetings accessible for hearing-impaired participants.

Webex assistant

When someone speaks, their mic picks up everything and Webex Assistant adds it as captions above the meeting controls. It's like using subtitles on your television.

7 - Webex Peek

Received an unexpected message? Your schedule is full but curiosity is taking over? ​

Rachel Macik, Director of Product Marketing for Cisco Collab, says:

"I love the Peek option in my Webex app​."

Now you can peek into a space and preview your messages, giving you time to collect your thoughts before alerting the person you have read their message.

Peek Webex feature

Another tip from Rachel is that you can type @Webex in your Outlook meeting location to automatically schedule a meeting with your personal meeting room credentials.

What is the best way to use Webex? 

Now that you’ve learned about 10 Webex features you must turn on, let’s take a look at some best practices to ensure the success of your Webex usage. 

After all, features are only as good as the behavior that surrounds them. 

  • Download Webex onto all of your devices: You never know when a technical difficulty might arise. With Webex installed and ready to go on your desktop, mobile, and maybe even tablet, there’s no fear of technology getting in the way of a big meeting. 
  • Reduce distractions: Tidy up your background and make sure that you are well lit. Remember to turn your camera off when stepping out of the meeting. Make sure that you are on mute when not actively speaking. 
  • Close all other applications running in the background: Don’t slow down your device by running a dozen other applications while in a meeting. This will also help you stay focused and on-task. 
  • Check your internet connection: Run a speed test to make sure that your internet speeds are up to par. 
  • Download the Real-time translation add-on: Maximize accessibility with the Real-time translation add-on. Choose from 13 spoken languages, which can then be translated into 100+ other languages via closed caption. 
  • Charge your batteries: Seems obvious, but running for the charger when devices drop to 1% is something we’re all guilty of. Charge all devices before the meeting begins and keep your charger close by and plugged into a reliable source. 
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