10 Webex Competitors Worth Checking Out

Discover 10 genuine competitors to Webex, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, Amazon Chime, Spike, HiBox, Ryver, Element, Blink, and Workplace from Meta, with features, functionalities, and integrations compared for informed decision-making.
Dominic Kent
Dominic Kent is a content marketer specializing in unified communications and contact centers.

When evaluating Webex competitors, wouldn't it make life easier if they were all compiled in one place?

Well, look no further!

Okay, look a little further down the page as we've put together 10 genuine Webex competitors.

As experts in the collaboration space, we've tried and tested hundreds of collaboration apps. In this post, we've included those that we deem as genuine Webex competitors based on like-for-like features, ability to execute, and integration capabilities.

1 - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the all-in-one team collaboration tool created by Microsoft in 2017.

Intended to replace Skype for Business, Teams offers functionality for one-on-one conversations, instant and asynchronous messaging, video meetings, and even Together Mode and an entire metaverse – several new ways to host meetings using virtual and mixed reality.

Teams users love that it comes as part of the Microsoft 365 environment. Teams natively integrates with Word, Outlook, SharePoint, and all your day-to-day Microsoft apps.

If you’re already familiar with Microsoft’s leading productivity tools, then Teams seems a natural fit.

Outside of meetings, Teams offers functionality for standard functions like calling, messaging, and document collaboration. You can also use Teams to broadcast live events as a webinar platform.

There really isn't enough space in a single blog post to go into the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams. The best way to see if it meet your requirements is to test it out.

Though, we break it down considerably in this video:

2 – Zoom is the post-pandemic favorite Webex alternative

There’s not much to publicize here. If you don’t know about Zoom then where have you been?

In fact, Outlook users can directly access Zoom calls from their app so adding to apps you already have is simple.

What’s not so well-known is that Zoom is much more than a video platform.

Zoom Team Chat also enables you to manage your conversations with messaging, groups, and channels. This makes it a genuine Webex competitor – not just for video.

Key features include:

  • 1:1 chat or group conversations via public or private channels
  • Starring messages to save for later
  • Pinned messages
  • A personal space to send yourself reminders and files 
  • Light or dark themes in your chat panel
  • Customizable channels 
  • Privacy features and access permissions
  • GIFs from GIPHY
  • Message archiving and third party storage
  • Chat message history with manageable time limits
  • Screen capture, file transfer, and image uploads
  • Status and presence
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Video conference calls
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Zoom integrations with Slack, Drive, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Facebook, Intel Unite, etc.

3 - Google Workspace

Google has both chat and meeting options within its Google Workspace range. It's easier to compare Google's collaboration option to Microsoft Teams for several reasons.

Google Workspace is a suite of tools that rivals Microsoft 365; a collection of productivity and collaboration tools and products.

This means that with Google Workspace, you get access to other products like:

  • Meet
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar

See what Google Workspace can help your teams do:

  • Collaborate with colleagues on workspaces like Docs, Sheets, Slides, with an @ mention
  • Share files and conduct polls in live meetings
  • Get the best brainstorming experience with Jamboard and Meet integration
  • Easy access to emails when needed
  • Touch-free meetings with Google Meet Hardware Series One

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Workspace are generally considered the leading Webex competitors.

4 - Amazon Chime

Amazon just delivers shopping, right? 


Amazon Chime is a collaboration tool that embraces the power of video. Chime delivers exceptional video quality and reliability.

When you need face-to-face interaction, Chime is a great solution powered by AWS.

Chime comes with built-in chat, screen sharing tools, and automatically calls each participant when it’s time for a meeting.

Other features include:

  • Pay as you go pricing
  • Content sharing
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Video tiles
  • Migrate telephony workloads to AWS using Amazon Chime Voice Connector
  • Meeting recordings

5 - Spike

Spike is a Webex competitor that brings the best team chat features to your inbox so you can avoid onboarding your team to yet another tool at work.

Using just your existing email (Google, iCloud, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc), Spike lets you chat one on one like a direct message in Webex or start a Spike Group to recreate the team chat functionality in Webex.

Spike includes advanced search, file sharing, collaborative notes, group meetings, a unified calendar, and an integrated task tool to give you a single app for a complete digital workspace.

Spike’s Priority Inbox cleans up your message clutter so you can focus on what’s important.

Other features include:

  • Streamlined chat (no headers or signatures)
  • Voice messages
  • Video meetings
  • Scheduled send
  • Snooze
  • GIF integration

6 - HiBox

HiBox is a collaboration tool that gives your teams many ways to connect, including video and instant messaging. 

What makes this tool stand out is its artificial intelligence integration.

There’s a virtual assistant included with the app that helps you with assigning tasks and delivering information to users.

It’s a collaboration tool and robotic helper all in one.

Other features include:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Group chat
  • Private messaging
  • Group calendaring
  • Task assigning and management

7 - Ryver

Ryver is a collaboration tool that combines group chats with workflow and task management.

Designed to support teams of any size, Ryver integrates with many apps to deliver enhanced functionality.

Within the tool, you’ll find everything you need to keep your team members focused on the challenges at hand.

What’s more, the flat-rate pricing makes Ryver appealing from a budgetary perspective.

Other features include:

  • Workflow automation engine
  • Video and voice call
  • Screen sharing
  • Personal and team-based task management
  • Threaded topics

8 - Element

Element is a selection of mobile and web-based tools which you can use to connect to an open network for decentralized communications.

Element allows connectivity to chat protocols like IRC and XMPP, as well as traditional systems like Slack and Teams.

Features include:

  • Real-time chat
  • Widgets
  • File sharing
  • Video and voice calls
  • Open source/ open standard
  • High-level security
  • Social media app integrations

9 - Blink

Blink is the Webex competitor created for frontline industries.

The Blink intranet is unique as it exists for organizations with large frontline workforces.

Employees in industries like retail and logistics often lack tech like their desk-based peers.

This is where the Blink employee app enters the scene.

It’s a branded mobile-first portal with all frontline employees needed in one place.

Features include:

  • A company feed for top-down push communications
  • Peer to peer and team chat
  • Mobile-first approach for enhanced frontline experience
  • Unlimited and personalized document storage (each employee only sees information relevant to them)
  • Reporting functionality and polls
  • Whitelabeled portal
  • Admin portal with engagement analytics

10 - Workplace from Facebook (now Meta)

We know what you’re thinking. How can Facebook be in a Webex competitor list?

Workplace from Meta is a version of the world’s most popular social media channel, adjusted to suit the needs of the modern business.

Combining news feeds with messaging and video, Workplace is an easy way to keep teams connected.

Along with standard collaboration capabilities like file sharing, Workplace also includes features like “auto-translate” for groups that span countries.

Other features include:

  • GIFs and reactions in messages
  • Chatbots
  • Group polls
  • Live webinars
  • Multi-company groups


These are only 10 of a large number of Webex competitors in the marketplace. Reviewing all 200+ rarely helps anybody make a decision.

If you're in the market for a Webex alternative, choose wisely from this list.

If you've already got Webex and are looking at alternatives because people in your business are already using other apps, you could keep Webex while making the non-Webex users happy.

When you add the Mio app to Webex, you can send cross-platform messages to people on Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom Team Chat.

Your Webex users stay in Webex and people who prefer other platforms can stay where they prefer.

When the Mio app is installed, you can do the following cross-platform:

  • Send channel messages
  • Send direct messages
  • Use message threads
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Use reactjis and GIFs

So, if you already have Webex and are looking to cater to everyone's preferences, check out the Mio website.

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