How To Delete Messages On Webex

Maximize message management on Webex with step-by-step guides on message and space deletion.
How to delete a space in Webex

In this article, you will learn how to delete messages on Webex in different scenarios.

Whether you need to delete a single message, multiple messages, or even an entire Webex space, we’ve covered each potential requirement below.

  1. How to delete a message on Webex
  2. How to delete multiple messages on Webex
  3. Can you see deleted messages on Webex?
  4. How to delete a space on Webex

How to delete a message on Webex

Everybody can delete their own messages on Webex. 

If you are a Space Moderator, you can also delete anybody else's messages inside the space. This might be the case if someone has sent an abusive or incorrect message and you would rather it didn’t remain in sight.

Go to the message you would like to delete. Click the three-dot icon, then select Delete message.

Deleting a message in a Webex space

Your message is now deleted.

How to delete multiple messages on Webex

To delete multiple messages on Webex, you can follow the steps above for each message you wish to delete. As of November 2021, there is no way to bulk delete messages on Webex.

In October 2020, this request was raised on the Webex User Community Forum.

Delete multiple messages on Webex

Can you see deleted messages on Webex?

You cannot see deleted messages on Webex once they have been deleted.

To recover them, you will go to the Media Manager in Cisco Webex Control Hub.

After this, locate your trash folder, find the file or message you want to recover, and then click Recover.

How to delete a space on Webex

If you delete a space, all the messages and files will be deleted. 

The space policy of the organization will determine how long the deleted content will be stored for.

To delete a space, you will first remove all members before leaving the space. To do so, you must be a Moderator.

Locate the space you would like to delete. Click on the People tab.


Left click on the member's name, then click Remove from space.

After removing all members from the space, left click on your own account name. Click Leave. The space will be deleted.

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