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New in Mio: September 2023 Product Update

What's new in Mio this September? Slack Full Account Channel Sync, /giphy updates, Google Chat feature additions, and more.

Licensed Slack accounts now supported in channels

In the past, if a user sent messages in Slack channels from Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Zoom Chat, these messages were posted via the Mio app. This caused several challenges, such as:

  • Incomplete channel membership 
  • Inability to support multiple reactions on the same message
  • Display of an “APP” label next to cross-platform users
  • A lack of user info when hovering over their name and avatar

Here’s the good news: We've upgraded to use the actual Slack accounts of your users to post messages in channels. This feature, which has been successful in direct messages, has now been integrated into channels.

With this change:

  • Users will see accurate channel membership
  • Users can add multiple reactions to a single message
  • The “APP” label is eliminated

Slack /giphy support

We’re excited to announce our first cross-platform third-party app integration.

With the /giphy command, users can now share GIFs from Slack to Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom Chat.

New reactive prompt: Undefined user sends a message  

An undefined user is one whose primary and secondary platforms haven’t been set in the Mio Hub are not able to send cross-platform messages. Our new prompting logic notifies these users that any direct messages they attempt to send will not be received. 

Read more about this prompt here.

Google Chat feature updates 

Our team has been hard at work at improving the chat functionality between Google Chat, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. We’re thrilled to roll out the following features, which users can try out during beta testing: 

  • Group Chats 
  • Rich text formatting 
  • Giphy integration 
  • Native GIFs

Read more about Mio's Google Chat integration here.

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