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Google Cloud Next 2024: Our top 5 sessions in collaboration

Explore this comprehensive roundup of the best of Google Cloud Next 2024, diving in to speakers, keynotes, and demos accessible on-demand.
Google Cloud Next 2024

Welcome to our Google Cloud Next 2024 round up. This year's session was a pinnacle of innovation, featuring the latest technologies and advancements in AI, Cloud, and Collaboration.

Couldn’t attend in person? No worries.

Google has made a significant amount of content from the conference available for free and on-demand. This includes several recordings as well as access to the presentation decks used in each session.

What is Google Cloud Next?

Google Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference that celebrates the latest innovations in AI, Cloud, and Collaboration.

Who should attend Google Next? 

Google Cloud Next offers something for everyone. 

With a wide variety of sessions available, it is an excellent conference to attend for the modern tech professional. 

Here’s a list of the tracks that were available at Google Cloud Next 2024: 

  • AI and ML 
  • Application Developers 
  • Infrastructure Architects and Admins
  • Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers 
  • Database Professionals 
  • DevOps, IT Ops, Platform Engineers, and SREs 
  • IT Managers and Business Leaders 
  • Productivity and Collaboration 
  • Security Professionals

Where was Google Cloud Next held?

Las Vegas, Nevada

This year, Google Cloud Next was held from April 9th-April 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

With sessions led by industry titans and exciting announcements from the Mio team, this year’s event was not one to be missed. 

To help you get started, here's our 5 top Google Cloud Next collaboration sessions that you’ll definitely want to check out.

1 - Opening Keynote: The new way to cloud 


  • Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud
  • Amin Vahdat, Vice President of ML, Systems and Cloud, Google Cloud
  • Kristina Behr, VP Product Management, Collaboration Apps, Workplace, Google Cloud
  • Aparna Pappu, GM and VP of Google Workspace, Google
  • Yasmeen Ahmad, Managing Director of Data Analytics, Google Cloud
  • Paige Bailey, Product Lead (Gen AI), Google
  • Brad Calder, Vice President and GM, Google Cloud
  • Eliot Danner, Managing Director of Consumer Engineering, Google Cloud
  • Amanda Lewis, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
  • Gabe Weiss, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Google Next’s opening keynote is a must-watch, and is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your on-demand conference viewing. 

This year’s session dives into breakthroughs in AI, featuring success stories from Google customers and partners. Viewers will learn strategies to tackle workplace challenges and strategies to succeed in an era of transformative AI. 

The Google team has made this session accessible to anyone. Here's a version of the opening keynote with translation into American Sign Language:

And if you're short on time, check out this 14-minute version:

2 - How Mio is bridging the collaboration gap with SADA and Google Workspace   

Mio's CEO Tom Hadfield, onstage during Google Next


  • Tom Hadfield, CEO, Mio
  • Linda Huang, Strategic Partner Development, Google Cloud 
  • John Veltri, Managing Sales Director, SADA 

Work at a multi-platform organization? Chances are, the answer is yes. With 91% of organizations using multiple collaboration tools, chat interoperability has never been more vital. 

Dive into how Mio and SADA are enabling Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack users to chat natively with each other without leaving their platform of choice. 

While the session itself was not recorded, check out the demo below to see cross-platform messaging in action. 

You can also view the presentation used during this session here:

Learn more about Mio and sign up for an upcoming event to experience interoperability in real time. 

3 - Supercharge collaboration with Gemini in Google Chat

Supercharge collabortion with Gemini in Google Chat


  • Neena Kamath, Group Product Manager, Google Chat, Google Cloud 
  • Frej Krook, Google Workspace Platform Manager, Trimble 
  • Maalika Manoharan, Senior Product Manager, Google Chat, Google Cloud
  • Angela Ying, Group Product Manager, Google Chat, Google Cloud 

AI is all the rage lately, but how can it be used to advance your enterprise’s collaboration cadence? 

This session explores how Gemini is leveling up Google Chat for smoother communication and added productivity. 

Combined with Google Chat’s powerful, user-centric messaging features, Gemini is a tool that empowers enterprises of any size to streamline the user experience. 

While this session was not recorded, you can view the presentation deck used during the event here:

4 - From efficiency to impact: Choice Hotels and Korean Air empower the front 


  • Heejung Choi, Principal General Manager, Deputy CIO, Korean Air
  • John MacDonald, Global Director, Google Workspace Growth Strategy & Solution, Google Cloud 
  • Jason Simpson, VP of Engineering, Choice Hotels International 

Did you know that there are 2.7 billion frontline workers around the world?

That's 80% of the global workforce.

Despite this staggering statistic, frontline workers have been notoriously underserved by technology in the workplace. 

This session dives into how Google Workspace empowers frontline workers to have a digital identity within the enterprise. Featuring a panel of industry leaders, this session sheds light on the importance of supporting the frontline workforce with modern, adaptable tools, and offers practical guidance on how to do so. 

5 - Move your team collaboration and messaging to Google Chat

Move your team collaboration and messaging to Google Chat


  • Miguel A Alaniz, Sales Manager Americas, Cloudiway 
  • Pablo Galán, Sr. Pre-Sales Engineer, Cloudiway 
  • Frej Krook, Google Workspace Platform Manager, Trimble
  • Chad Pierce, VP of Architecture and Solutions, WeWork
  • Anthony Raymond, Head of Strategic Partnerships, CloudFuze
  • Mike Rhemtulla, Product Manager, Google Chat, Google Chat

With a plethora of cutting-edge technologies and AI integrations, it’s no wonder that many enterprises are migrating to Google Chat.  

If you’ve been in the market for a new enterprise collaboration tool, this session tells you everything you need to know about Google Chat, including data migration, user readiness, and cross-platform interoperability. Check out the session presentation here:

But what if your organization already uses a different platform? Or maybe a sector of your enterprise is interested in Google Chat, but you continue to have certain teams on Microsoft Teams or Slack?

Is a complete migration the only way to adopt Google Chat?

We’re excited to share that there is another way forward. 

Google Chat interoperability is now generally available 

The Mio team was excited to announce the general availability of Google Workspace interoperability during Cloud Next ‘24. 

Mio will enable enterprises to connect Google Chat to Microsoft Teams or Slack. 

Additionally, Mio has announced a new partnership with SADA, an Insight Company and leading cloud solutions provider for Google Workspace customers. 

In the words of Mio’s CEO, Tom Hadfield

Mio's CEO Tom Hadfield on Mio's Google Workspace general availability and SADA partnership

Mio is the only native and bi-directional solution for Google Chat interoperability, supporting: 

  • Message sending, editing, and deleting 
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Emojis and reactions 
  • Select third-party integrations, such as GIPHY 
  • Direct, channel/space, and group chat messaging 

Learn more about Mio today.

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