How to Connect Zoom and Slack in 2024

Learn to seamlessly integrate Slack and Zoom: explore integration, differences, partnership, using Zoom in Slack, scheduling meetings, and Slack-Zoom shortcuts.
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Connecting Zoom and Slack

If your team uses both Slack and Zoom, you’re probably wondering how to make your life easier. If you want to connect Zoom and Slack, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we run through all your options to connect Slack and Zoom - and we’ve even gone and started working on our own too.

As well as all the methods to connect Slack and Zoom, this post includes:

  1. What is the difference between Slack and Zoom?
  2. What does the Slack-Zoom partnership mean?
  3. Using the Zoom Slack integration for meetings
  4. How do I schedule a Zoom meeting in Slack?
  5. Slack Zoom shortcut options

1 - What is the difference between Slack and Zoom?

The biggest difference between Slack and Zoom is the communication focus. 

Slack is a messaging app at its core - with the option to add video and audio conferencing. 

Zoom puts video conferencing first but offers Zoom Teams Chat, Zoom Phone, and other options.

The table below highlights the blow-for-blow differences between Slack and Zoom’s collaboration capabilities.

Company NameSlackZoom Team Chat
Integrated video1280 x 760 resolution, 15 frames per second1080p video with 3mpbs bandwidth
Screen Share
Virtual Background
Remote Control ScreenPaid version only
WhiteboardingDraw on shared screens in paid packages. Access whiteboarding from third-party apps.
Infosec accreditationsISO IEC 27001, ISO IEC 27017, ISO IEC 27018, SOC 2, SOC 3
EU-US Privacy Shield
Swiss-US Privacy Shield
Cloud Security Alliance
2FA or MFA
Device management
End to end encryption
FedRAMP Moderate
Channel Based Messaging
File Sharing1GB limit per file.512MB limit per file.
Do Not Disturb
Mute Channels
Chat with users from other organizations✅ Yes, via Shared Channels or Slack Connect.✅ Yes through external contacts.
Number of known integrations800+700+
Free version?

2 - What does the Slack-Zoom partnership mean?

In 2019, Slack and Zoom signed a contract aligning product roadmaps. This partnership makes it easier to use Slack and Zoom together and removes the need for many companies to migrate from Slack to Zoom Team Chat.

The connection between Slack and Zoom isn’t complete yet but already lets Slack users join Zoom meetings from  Slack channels. 

People in Slack can view participants in an ongoing Zoom meeting. 

Users can also access notifications that allow them to join meetings at the touch of a button. 

Future Slack users will also be able to make calls with Zoom Phone.

According to Slack and Zoom, the two companies have a multi-year roadmap. There is a plan to bring more of Slack’s features into Zoom.

For now, the partnership only affects voice and video meetings. There’s still no native way to connect Zoom Team Chat with Slack.

Does Zoom work with Slack?

Zoom does work with Slack. Throughout the rest of this post, we document all the ways Zoom works with Slack.

3 - Using the Zoom Slack integration for meetings

Prerequisites for Zoom Slack integration

The Zoom Slack integration allows users to start an instant Zoom meeting within Slack. This means meetings created in Slack appear on your Zoom account. 

The Slack integration is part of the Zoom marketplace. You’ll also find a Zoom integration in the Slack marketplace.

Here’s what you need to use the in-built integration:

  • A Slack account and a Zoom account linked to the same email address
  • A Zoom Pro, Business, Education, or API subscription
  • A Zoom Phone subscription (for outbound calls)

Once you’ve got the prerequisites, here’s how to set up the Zoom Slack integration:

Step 1: Approving the Slack Zoom Integration

To add Zoom functionality in Slack, a Zoom account admin has to approve Slack. Do this from inside the Zoom integrations marketplace:

  • Sign in to your Zoom account
  • Use the Zoom Marketplace and search for Slack
  • Click the toggle to pre-approve the Slack installation
Slack's entry in the Zoom app marketplace

When you approve the Slack Zoom integration, this will give Zoom permission to:

  • View information about user identity
  • Add the ability for people to mention @zoom or direct message through Zoom
  • Add slash commands and shortcuts (we’ll come back to these in a minute)
  • View the name, email domain, and business icon for the workspace the user is connected to
  • View email addresses of people in a workspace
  • Send messages as Zoom

With Zoom pre-approved, the next step is installing your Zoom app within Slack.

Step 2: Add Zoom to Slack 

With Slack approved, you're free to implement it from the Zoom app page in the Slack directory.

  • Click Add to Slack
  • On the Zoom website click Add to Slack
  • Choose Allow to grant access between both apps
  • Open your Slack workspace and click Zoom on the Recent Apps list
  • Select Authorize Zoom

Once you’ve added a Zoom app to your workspace, all of your members will need to connect their Zoom accounts to Slack to use it. 

Step 3: Use Zoom in Slack

Type the /zoom command into your message field on any channel or direct message. This sends colleagues a prompt to join a meeting. When the other person clicks Join, the Zoom window will open in their browser. 

Zoom prompts users to join with a button to Open Zoom.US; then, each user will need to sign-in to start a meeting. If you want to make a call via Zoom Phone, you’ll need a Phone subscription. 

Got one already? Great, then:

  • Type /Zoom Call into the message field in your Slack app, followed by the display name of another Slack user, or their phone number. If you enter a display name for a user that has more than one phone number, you can select the one you want to call.
  • Click on the Call command.
  • Click on Open Zoom.US to start the call

4 - How do I schedule a Zoom meeting in Slack?

Type the /zoom slash command into the message field of any conversation. This command works in direct messages and channels. Send the message and all members of the channel or message will see a meeting prompt. Click the Join button to open Zoom in your browser.

When prompted, you’ll need to open Select the Sign in option to enter your details and begin the meeting. 

To start a call with Zoom, a Slack team owner needs to visit Settings and Permissions.

In the Settings tab, expand Calls and click Enable calling in Slack, using: and choose Zoom.

Selecting the Call button will launch an instant Zoom meeting. 

5 - Slack Zoom shortcut options 

Another way to connect Zoom and Slack is by using the /Zoom shortcuts in your Slack workspace. 

In any Slack workspace connected with Zoom, you can use commands like:

  • /Zoom: The prompt for launching an instant meeting
  • /Zoom meeting [topic]: This command starts a meeting on Zoom with a topic title, so your other attendees know what the conversation is about.
  • /Zoom Join [Meeting ID]: This command lets you join meetings already in progress.
  • /Zoom Call [Number or name]: This command launches a Zoom outbound call if you have a Zoom Phone subscription. 
  • /Zoom Help: This command lists all the Zoom commands available from within a Slack workspace. 
Zoom commands to use in Slack

These shortcuts take users straight to Zoom functions within Slack. 

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