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Zoom Is Adding Specific Zoom Team Chat Admin Settings

Explore the latest Zoom Team Chat admin updates, including changes to user visibility, IM settings, channel organization, and chat history, set to take effect on August 22nd, 2021.
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Zoom Chat admin

The latest Zoom Team Chat admin settings have been communicated on June 18th, 2021. Zoom emailed its admin owners of Zoom Team Chat accounts to inform them of an option to explore and permanently switch to the new admin experience.

Zoom Team Chat, the group messaging product included with all free and paid Zoom plans, has seen a huge uptake as more and more video conferencing users have found it easier to stay in Zoom rather than switching back and forth to messaging apps like Slack.

Latest Zoom Team Chat admin updates

Starting August 22nd 2021, Zoom has communicated the following updates will be made to its admin portal:

  • The ability to edit the searchability and visibility of users and certain groups to users in your organization under ‘Contacts’. The new admin experience will not use previous group privacy names (shared group, private group, restricted).
  • IM Settings’ will be renamed ‘Zoom Team Chat
  • Channels’ will now be listed under ‘Chat Management
  • Chat History’ will be found under ‘Reports’>‘User Activity Reports

It's important to note that when Zoom Team Chat admins change to the new admin experience, this will be an irreversible change. Any Zoom Team Chat admins opting not to explore the new settings will be migrated to the new experience on October 24th, 2021.

For the Zoom admins who are curious about the new interface and extra settings, Zoom encourages you to sign up for the beta program.

Zoom Team Chat settings

If you're changing your Zoom Team Chat settings for the first time, you might be wondering where to look.

Zoom makes it simple for admins and Zoom Team Chat users to administer their own or their group settings. Everything you can tweak lives alongside your Zoom video conferencing settings.

Zoom settings

If you're a Zoom user, you can access Zoom Team Chat settings in the settings tab by clicking your avatar in the top right-hand corner and choosing Settings.

Within the Settings menu, you have an option for Chat.

Zoom Chat settings

In this menu, you can also click View more settings to open a browser and explore further settings for your own Zoom account. For example, you can turn off Zoom virtual backgrounds or whether to enable a waiting room when your guests join a Zoom call.

For Zoom Team Chat admins, you have a wealth of settings at your disposal. Zoom splits its admin access into tiered settings.

To become a Zoom admin, you must subscribe to either a Pro, Business, or Education account.

Within these settings, Zoom admins can access group management or user management settings.

Group management

Within the group management section, you can change the following:

User management

Within the user management section, you can change the following:

As soon as Zoom rolls out its new Zoom Team Chat admin experience, IM Settings will be renamed Zoom Team Chat and house its own dedicated settings area.

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