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Google Cloud Next 2023 Roundup: 5 Innovative Google Chat Sessions

Explore the latest innovations in Google Chat with these five insightful sessions from Google Next 2023.
The Google Cloud Next 2023 opening keynote

What is Google Cloud Next?

Google Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference focused on highlighting the latest developments and product innovations in AI, Cloud, and Collaboration.

Where was Google Cloud Next held?

This year, Google Cloud Next was held from August 29th–August 31st in San Francisco, California. With keynotes and lightning talks by industry leaders and some exciting announcements from the Mio team, this year’s event was one for the books.

Missed the conference? Not to worry. All recorded sessions are complimentary and available on-demand.

To help you navigate your way through an impressive library of content, here's an agenda of our 5 top Google Next sessions that you’ll definitely want to check out.

1. Google Cloud Next opening keynote: The New Way to Cloud


  • Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google and Alphabet 
  • Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud 
  • Brad Calder, VP & GM, Google Cloud Platform Technical Infrastructure, Google Cloud 
  • Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Chair, Workday 
  • Aparna Pappu, VP, Google 
  • Jensen Huang, Co-founder, President, CEO, NVIDIA
  • Priyanka Vergadia, Staff Developer Advocate, Google

We would be remiss not to begin with the conference’s opening keynote. 

Featuring Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and a plethora of Google luminaries, this session includes news on the latest developments in AI and real-life cloud success stories from Google’s customer and partner ecosystems. 

This opening keynote sets the tone for the groundbreaking innovation that lies at the heart of the event and is an excellent way to begin your journey into Google Next. 

2. What's new with Google Chat?


  • Vamsee Jasti, Director of Product Marketing, Google Workspace, Google Cloud
  • Rachit Aggarwal, Engineering Director, Google 
  • Jason Coutu, Czar of IT, Vendasta 
  • Mitch Cohen, Associate Director, Colgate-Palmolive 
  • Antin Harasymiv, UX Lead, Google 
  • Rhys Phillips, Change Management & User Adoption Leader, Airbus 

Google is known for being at the cutting edge of technological and business advancement, and Google Chat is an integral part of their Workspace suite. 

This session walks through design and feature upgrades sure to boost productivity and collaboration within your organization. A must-watch for Google Workspace or Chat users.   

What's new with Google Chat Keynote

3. Streamline workflows with Google Chat integrations and interoperability


  • Ramesh Nair, Product Manager, Google 
  • Mike Rhemtulla, Product Manager, Google
  • Sean Winter, SVP, Strategy & Customer Experience, LumApps 

Are you taking full advantage of apps and integrations within your Google Chat workspace? This practical session teaches you how to harness the power of new APIs and Chat app capabilities to maximize communication power in Google Chat. 

Streamne workflows with Google Chat integrations and interoperability

4. Enable cross-product messaging and data migration for Google Chat customers 


  • Tom Hadfield, CEO, Mio 
  • Jason Coutu, Czar of IT, Vendasta 
  • Mike Rhemtulla, Product Manager, Google
  • Stanley Toh, Head of End-user Services & Experience, Broadcom Inc. 
  • Anthony Raymond, Head of Sales, CloudFuze

You may be thinking – “but what if I’m not a Google Chat user?” Or, given that 85% of organizations use more than one chat tool, “what my colleagues use Google Chat and I don’t, or vice versa?” Whether you or your colleagues use Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, or Zoom Team Chat, this session is for you. 

Joined by Tom Hadfield, CEO of Mio, Jason Coutu, Czar of IT at Vendasta, and Stanley Toh, Head of End-user Services & Experience at Broadcom, and Anthony Raymond, Head of Sales at CloudFuze, Google’s Mike Rhemtulla leads an innovative session on cross-platform messaging and data migration. 

If you're interested in unlocking your enterprise collaboration potential, this 20-minute session is for you.

Cross-product messaging and data migration for Google Chat customers

5. Achieve digital sovereignty with Google Workspace 


  • Shaun Bookham, UK Operations & Transformation Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 
  • Aspi Havewala, Exec Dir, Infrastructure and Digital Workplace, Verizon
  • Ganesh Chilakapati, Director of Product Management, Google 
  • Elizabeth DelNegro - IC, Associate CIO, General Services Administration 

This session walks through “Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace, which [enable] organizations to control, limit, and monitor transfers of data to and from the European Union.” 

Additionally, you’ll get to hear from existing Google Workspace customers on how they prioritize privacy and compliance. 

If you work at or with an organization based in the EU, this session is not one to be missed. 

Thanks for joining us for this roundup of Google Cloud Next sessions. We hope that these recommendations will be insightful and enlightening.

Where is Google Next 2024 happening?

Want more? Mark your calendars for April 9–11, 2024, where Google Cloud Next returns at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

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