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Mio Launches Google Chat Interoperability with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Mio introduces Google Chat interoperability, enabling seamless cross-platform communication between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
Mio enables Google Chat interoperability with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Google has a reputation for being at the cutting edge of innovation. From its eponymous search engine to the Google Workspace suite, Google has defined the 21st century workspace. 

Now, users have yet another reason to celebrate. 

Google Chat interoperability is here 

Google and Mio are teaming up to provide cross-platform chat interoperability between Google Chat and Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Google Chat users will be able to remain on Google Chat while messaging cross-platform colleagues in direct messages, spaces, and group chats.

Features such as secure file sharing, editing and deleting messages, emojis, GIFs, reactions, and threaded messages are supported across platforms.

"Together with Mio, we can extend the reach of Google Chat and empower users to collaborate seamlessly across different platforms." 

- Ilya Brown, Vice President of Product Management for Google Workspace

Google Chat interoperability

Interoperability for the modern age

In a 2022 study by Accenture, it was found that “companies with highly interoperable technology achieve 6x higher revenue growth.” The study, which surveyed 4,000 C-suite execs across 19 industries in 23 countries, found that 49% of companies had adopted new technologies within the past 2 years.

By allocating “just 2-4% more of their IT and functional budgets to applications,” leading enterprises with high levels of interoperability achieved a tangible advancement in revenue.

Additionally, Mio’s 2019 workplace messaging report revealed that 91% of businesses use at least 2 messaging apps, with 3.3 apps being the average number used by each respondent. 

These statistics illustrate that the coexistence of multiple apps within the enterprise is not a fading trend— it is a practice for the modern business. It's one that is not only here to stay, but, if leveraged appropriately, a propeller towards exponential growth.

Chat interop: the missing piece? 

Interoperability is not a new concept.

Emails, documents, and calendars can be viewed, synced, and interacted with regardless of which platform they originate from.

When it comes to chat, however, communications hit a brick wall.

The importance of unified communications cannot be overstated. While harnessing the power of interoperability can increase profitability and productivity, leaving unbridged applications has the opposite effect. 

In a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, it was found that 9% of annual time at work was spent toggling between applications. In an enterprise of 10,000+ employees with an average 100k annual salary, this results in a yearly loss of $9.6M and 5,000 weeks.

Chat interoperability is the missing piece of the puzzle, the solution to achieving "Collaboration Nirvana."  As our CEO, Tom Hadfield, says:

“‘Collaboration Nirvana’ [is] where everyone on the planet can collaborate with each other, regardless of which chat app they are using.”

Mio’s partnership with Google is the surest sign that this dream is becoming a reality. 

To learn more about Google Chat interoperability, please contact your Google sales representative or visit our website.

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