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Send cross-platform channel and direct messages between Google Chat and Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom Team Chat, or Webex.

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Google Chat


Install the Mio app to chat with colleagues who use Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom Team Chat, and Webex.
Zoom to Microsoft Teams

The only native Google Chat interoperability solution

Mio syncs all the features your teams depend on every day

Direct messages
Threaded messages
File uploads
Emoji reactions
Message editing

Download Mio’s security whitepaper

Mio securely integrates with your messaging platforms and never stores messages or files.

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Built by a team of interoperability specialists

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Mio Launches Google Chat Interop
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The Ins And Outs Of The History Of Google Chat
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Google Is Getting Serious About Interoperability & Integration

Work better together, wherever the conversation is happening

No end user change management, no custom workflows.
Mio's native integration helps your teams do what they do best, in their tool of choice.